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Lavandula Extract

Lavandula Extract

Lavender (scientific name: Lavendula pedunculata) belongs to the genus lavender of Labiatae, originated in Mediterranean coast, Europe and Oceania islands, and is widely planted in England and Yugoslavia. The flower is a new perennial cold resistant flower in the courtyard, suitable for the diameter cluster or strip planting, but also can be potted for ornamental. Lavender was a very common herb in Roman times. Because of its most effective, lavender was called “after vanilla”. It has been widely used in medical treatment since ancient times. The stem and leaf can be used as medicine. It has the functions of invigorating stomach, sweating and pain relieving. It is a good medicine for treating cold, abdominal pain and eczema.

Lavender has the reputation of “aromatic herb”. It is suitable for any skin. It can promote cell regeneration, accelerate wound healing, improve acne, abscess, eczema, balance sebum secretion, and has a miraculous effect on burning and sunburn. It can inhibit bacteria and reduce scars. It can relieve tension, calm mind, calm down calm Qi, control oil, regenerate, diminish inflammation and repair. It is often used as beauty products. It can not only promote cell regeneration, balance oil secretion, improve burns, sunburn, remove dark circles under the eyes, but also promote skin care functions such as regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues, fade scars, inhibit bacterial growth, help hair growth and improve hair quality.

Lavender extract can clear away heat and toxin, clean skin, control oil, remove freckles and whitens, remove wrinkles and tender skin, remove dark circles under the eyes, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. The use of essential oil conditioning method, to deal with skin problems, the effect is very significant, and is pure natural without side effects, has become the preferred choice of many friends with skin problems. It can beautify the body, relieve pressure, relax muscles and so on. Essential oils are known as “plant hormones”. In fact, many essential oils are similar to human hormones and play an important role in skin care. Essential oil molecules stimulate olfactory nerve through nasal breath, olfactory nerve transmits stimulation to brain center, and brain produces excitation. On the one hand, it controls nerve activity and regulates nerve activity; On the other hand, it controls the secretion of glands through nerve regulation, so as to regulate the whole internal environment of human body. Through stimulating nerve therapy, it can achieve the function of internal conditioning, and lay a solid foundation for beauty and skin care.

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