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Factory Profile

Factory Profile

Manufacturing Capabilities

Modernized facility, Strict production management and advanced technique enable us to provide qualified goods and satisfied service.

Through years of efforts, the factory has been well equipped:
stainless steel production line.
Concentration facilities
stainless steel chromatographic separation columns
Spraying and drying system
Refining ,drying and packing workshop

Research & Development

We focus on research and development of new products. In order to improve the technique capacity, we established an professional Research & Development Center and put 10% sales revenue into R&D annually.
Based on professional human resource, We have established a range of cooperative partnership with many universities and research institutes. Our R & D team is composed of doctors, masters and other professionals, forming a strong Scientific and technology research center.

Quality Control

As an experienced manufacturer, We highly understand that quality is the biggest support to our customer. Our confidence relies on our strict Quality Control System, which including inspection of raw materials, vital safety standards at all stages in the production process and approval of finished products.
Advanced analyzing equipments is the promise of the quality and stability of products:
HPLC ( High performance liquid chromatography)
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Dual-Wavelength Flying Spot Scanning Densitometer
Atomatic Absorption Spectrophotomete
Gas Chromatography

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