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Ceramide(Phytoceramides) introduction

Ceramide(Phytoceramides) introduction

Ceramide(Phytoceramides) is a natural moisturizing ingredient that exists between the stratum corneum of the skin. It is a component of the intercellular lipids of the stratum corneum of the skin. It is dispersed between the stratum corneum and plays a role in absorbing water and oil. In addition, it also regulates skin stress. Function, to fight against external stimuli, prevent the skin from causing neurodermatitis due to improper overreaction.
Ceramide(Phytoceramides) has two types of hydrophilic and lipophilic. The structure of Ceramide(Phytoceramides) can form a double liquid crystal structure, penetrate into the stratum corneum of the skin, retain moisture, ensure the water content of the stratum corneum, and prevent the stratum corneum from drying and cracking.


As the age increases and enters the old age, the Ceramide(Phytoceramides) present in human skin will gradually decrease. The appearance of abnormal skin symptoms such as dry skin and rough skin is also due to the decrease in the amount of Ceramide(Phytoceramides). Therefore, to prevent such skin abnormalities, supplementing with Ceramide(Phytoceramides) is an ideal way.

Since Ceramide(Phytoceramides) is so important to the skin, and the body is constantly losing this ingredient, the first step to maintain good skin is naturally to replenish as much Ceramide(Phytoceramides) as possible. The source of Ceramide(Phytoceramides) is mainly extracted from Rice Bran and Konjac.


However, at the point of supplementing Ceramide(Phytoceramides), most of what we have seen are topical skin care products that can be in direct contact with the skin. In fact, Ceramide(Phytoceramides) can also be supplemented orally. There are two ways of absorption: oral absorption channel and percutaneous absorption channel:

Oral absorption:

The absorbed Ceramide(Phytoceramides) is converted into sphingolipids in the small intestine. After entering the blood, the basal layer of the skin is reorganized, and the Ceramide(Phytoceramides) formation reaction generates glycosphingolipids, which reach the stratum corneum of the skin.

Percutaneous absorption:

Nano-sized Ceramide(Phytoceramides) molecules enter the stratum corneum of the skin to supplement the loss of Ceramide(Phytoceramides) from the stratum corneum of the skin, and form a double layer structure with the existing Ceramide(Phytoceramides), which overlaps with keratinocytes to form a layered structure to protect the skin from losing moisture.

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